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Full Cream Set


Welcome to our cream shop, where every cream stamps and water marbles!

We put out a set Creams every season, sometimes an extra one can be snuck in around holiday time!😉

Currently, we have 54 different colors available. You can purchase the entire collection, or you can purchase in sets of seven, and fourteen.


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Linear Holos Collection Full Set


For those new to our brand. We put out a set of six Holos every season. I worked really hard on these formulas so that they wouldn’t only be beautiful in direct light, but out as well. If you have purchased holos before, I’m sure you’ve noticed the lighter colors (when not in direct light) can have a grey cast to them. These maintain the brightness of the color, no matter the lighting. My holos are also a thinner base, I like a thinner base because they last longer on the nail, and dry faster. (Not to mention the bottle will last you forever!!) They can be layered over other colors to create your own custom holos adding dimension to any mani. They are opaque on its own with two to three thin coats. I love versatility!

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